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Marysville Baptist Church (MBC) has a unique, faithful, and God-lead ministry team – they are a husband and wife team.  Pastors Peter and Laura married on December 30, 1977.  Our

The Church

When did our story begin?

The Marysville Baptist Church’s story began in 1857 in a log church.  In 1870 a new church building was constructed near the log church to


SUNDAY BBQ Drama Service

Hello everyone hope you are having a fantastic summer! As we begin to approach the end of July and transition into the last month of summer, I would like to […]

Pre Registration for Summer Camp and things to consider beforehand.

Hello Everyone. Today is now the 1st day of May, which means we are incredibly close to starting up the first kids camp of the summer… yahoo! Throughout late June […]

Chat & Paint With Brittany

Hi Everyone I hope you are starting to enjoy the spring weather. Go snow go!! As many know the ladies retreat is vastly approaching, but also appearing on the horizons […]