Building Useage Guidelines & Contract

Are you looking for a place to host your next event? You’ve come to the right place.

Our facilities are available to rent for events such as Banquets, Anniversaries, Community Events, Sport Events, Children & Adult Birthday Parties, Showers, Conferences and Board Meetings.

We have a gymnasium, two large multi-purpose rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and several smaller rooms available.

For information on our facilities, and available dates please call the church or email 

Some Conditions and Restrictions Apply. Please read our Rental Agreement for details.


Marysville Baptist Church

Use of Church Facilities


Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to be committed servants of God, our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour through: Prayer; Worship; Evangelism; Discipleship; Fellowship; Service.


In Jesus’ name, we will reach the lost, teach the believer & comfort the hurting.


To regulate the use of our church facilities: that is, to identify persons and/or groups who may use our premises, and to provide usage guidelines.


We desire to provide a setting where activities will be directed to the Purpose and Mission of the Church.  Usage of facilities by outside groups will allow us to build bridges with the community.


Marysville Baptist Church (The Church) reserves the right to restrict access to organizations, groups and individuals who, according to its interpretation of Scripture, hold views or engage in practices contrary to our Beliefs, Church Purpose & Mission Statements.

  • Use of the church building is generally for not-for-profit activities.
  • The Church does not accept liability for accidents that may occur while using the facilities.
  • Use of the sanctuary must be approved by the Board of Management.


Booking Requests:

  • Booking requests can be made through the main office or the Pastor at any time. Acceptance or denial of requests will be made by the Board of Management.
  • In order to accommodate various requests including on-going church programs, applications are to be made as far as possible in advance. Once approval is given, this Use of Church Facilities document must be signed by a representative of the group or the person who will be using the church building.  For groups wishing to use the facilities on a regular basis for an extended period of time, a written request for use of facilities must be completed and approved in writing before a booking can be confirmed.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. 
  • The Church will be responsible to open and close the building. If requested, arrangements can be made to have a church representative available during the use of the facilities.
  • Previous usage of the facility will not necessarily set a precedent. Requests from within The Church will not pre-empt confirmed bookings, however, in the event of an unforseen conflict such as funerals and weddings and/or emergency, we reserve the right to cancel a booking.
  • Facility use requests will be reviewed by the Board of Management, to discern if the proposed activity is in keeping with the Purpose and Mission of The Church.

 Building Usage:

  • Permission is for use of the reserved room(s) and equipment only. Groups must set up and take down tables and chairs and all other equipment required for their use and remove all (excessive) garbageThe Church reserves the right to book other activities in the building on the same day, provided they do not conflict with room and equipment usage. 
  • A donation relative to the amount of facilities used (and the amount of time reserved for) is suggested, for example, the following guidelines could be used for a half day (4-5 hours)

            Gym (includes Kitchen)             $  75-$100

            Vestry (large room)                  $  50

            Classroom                               $  40

            Sanctuary                                $ 200 


Please take note, only amounts over and above this suggested fair rental value can be receipted as a donation.

The Board of Management reserves the right to increase or decrease suggested donations as required.

  • Rooms should be left clean and in satisfactory condition for use by the next group. Furniture and accessories should be left in their fixed positions in the rooms unless arrangements are made in advance. 
  • All Damage caused by groups or individuals must be reported to the Board of Management or the Pastor. Users will be responsible for the full replacement or repair cost of any aspect of the churches property, facilities or equipment if damage occurs during the period participants are in the building.
  • Church is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment or personal items.
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol permitted on church grounds.
  • No rice or confetti used during weddings. 
  • Kitchen use is available upon request. Ovens and stoves are available to keep food warm and are not to be used for meal preparation without prior authorization.  All garbage and users’ equipment must be removed from the building and may not be left overnight.  All dishes are to be cleaned and put away. Dishcloths and cup towels are to be left in the kitchen (laundering is included in the suggested honorarium for kitchen use). Groups are required to provide their own food, table cloths, paper towels, napkins, paper plates/cups, etc) 
  • If you require special equipment for an event, written permission must be obtained for any mechanical, electrical or structural changes. Equipment brought in by the user for their event must be removed immediately following unless previous arrangements have been made. 
  • Where possible, bulletin boards are provided for posting materials. Plasti-Tac is permitted.  No nails, staples or tape are to be used on walls or furniture without permission. 
  • Church audio/visual/sound equipment is available with permission. The use of the sanctuary sound system requires specific booking at the time of the usage request.  To maintain the integrity of the audio system of the church, written notification of any special requirements or modification must be approved and carried out by the Sound Team.  Musical instruments may only be moved and/or used with permission of the Worship Team Leader and/or Pastor.

Details of this booking:

Room(s) being booked:  _____________________________   
Type of Event:    ___________________________________

Approx. # of People:  ________

Date:  ________________________________
Time:  ______________________ (includes prep and clean up time)                           

Any equipment required (list all required equipment, ie tables, chairs, dishes, TV, DVD player, sound equipment, sports equipment, etc)


I understand and accept the Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines as written above.  I have inspected the premises and fully appreciate its condition.  I will ensure that sufficient supervision is available, where applicable, to minimize risk to all users under my care.   I understand that the Church does not accept liability for accidents that may occur while using the facilities.

Name:   __________________________________________________

Telephone and Email      _____________________________________

Date:  _____________________________________                       

* Signature: _________________________________________