Our Vision & Mission

When did our story begin?

The Marysville Baptist Church’s story began in 1857 in a log church.  In 1870 a new church building was constructed near the log church to accommodate the growing congregation.  This second church building was dedicated in 1876.  A third Church was built at 389 Canada Street and dedicated in 1905 and was functional for nearly 100 years. Yet, another chapter in the history of the Baptist Church in Marysville occurred in 2003 when a new modern Church was constructed at 150 Cowperthwaite Street.  Our present facility features a gym, large well-equipped kitchen, a large foyer, several classrooms, a modern nursery, offices and Worship Center


We are an authentic faith community who, being rooted in the Gospel of Jesus, is passionate in spirit, creative in our expression and innovative in our mission, equipping Jesus followers to love, obey and serve God with all their hearts.

Core Values

  1. Unwavering Integrity
  2. Authentic Community
  3. Gospel Centred
  4. Enduring Quality
  5. Missional Engagement
  6. Equipping for Service


  • Unwavering Integrity


  1. We will resolve conflict and offence by gong to the offending party first to resolve the issue.
  2. We will manage our financial matters responsibly and honestly
  3. We will comply with all intellectual property laws
  4. Always do right regardless of cost
  5. We value and preserve Confidentiality 
  • Authentic Community


  1. We acknowledge our own brokenness: hurts, habits and hang-ups.
  2. We seek out others beyond our normal social circles, inviting them into our lives.
  3. We practise appropriate transparency in all our relationships.
  4. We run headfirst into relationships with others who are broken, modeling the love of Jesus and extending life and hope.
  5. We seek reconciliation and redemption in every circumstance and relationship.
  6. We forego our liberty and freedom to maintain community.
  7. We journey together and all of life, celebrating our joys together, purging one another through the challenging times, and sharing our possessions with one another.
  • Gospel Centred


  1. We proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus as the remedy for sin & the hope for humanity.
  2. True reconciliation is possible in every relationship.
  3. We model living the gospel principles of repentance, confession, restoration, and victorious living.
  4. We equip one another to become at ease and proficient in addressing and all of life’s issues using gospel principles.
  5. In our weekend gatherings we solicit a public response to the gospel.
  • Enduring Quality


  1. We diligently prepare ourselves for every act of service
  2. We are committed to ongoing development and training for service. 
  • Missional Engagement


  1. We are always listening for God’s invitation to be His hands, feet and voice to a person, family and community.
  2. We try to find a way to say “yes” to missional opportunities. 
  3. We commit ourselves to be equipped for and speaking the gospel (good news) to those within our reach. 
  4. We commit ourselves, as the “redeemed children of God,” to join Him in His redemptive mission to those within our reach. Neighbourhood, city, country and world. 
  • Equipping for Service



Our Mission

  1. Build a culture of Gospel literacy
  2. Build a culture of missional engagement in every sphere (aspect) of our life
  3. Enhance Environment (facilities and technology) to facilitate the mission and strategies of the church
  4. Equip and engage every Jesus follower in replicating disciple making.
  5. Revise organizational structures, processes and governance to better facilitate the churches mission and strategies.