When did our story begin?

The Marysville Baptist Church’s story began in 1857 in a log church.  In 1870 a new church building was constructed near the log church to accommodate the growing congregation.  This second church building was dedicated in 1876.  A third Church was built at 389 Canada Street and dedicated in 1905 and was functional for nearly 100 years. Yet, another chapter in the history of the Baptist Church in Marysville occurred in 2003 when a new modern Church was constructed at 150 Cowperthwaite Street.  Our present facility features a gym, large well-equipped kitchen, a large foyer, several classrooms, a modern nursery, offices and Worship Center.

Why do we exist?

Our mission is to reach the lost; make and teach disciples; and comfort hurting people in our Church and in our community.


What is our vision?

  • We want to be a caring community of faith committed to loving God; loving our neighbour and loving each other.
  • We want to be a church that makes a difference in our community, city and world.
  • We want to be a place where children, youth and adults of all ages experience God’s transformation in their lives.


Who are we?

We are people of all ages who are on a journey of faith with a desire to follow God each step of the way.


Where are we going?

We want to be a vibrant, inspiring, and authentic Church in the community, helping people to live and to serve God more effectively in the realities of daily life.