Missional Community Groups


Fall is here and with it, the start-up of Missional Community (MC) Groups. MCs are the building block of the church where we experience authentic community, practice holistic gospel centred disciple making and engage in a mission in our region. 

We will start the season with two missional communities: Please let us know what group your would like to be a part of. Consider this your personal invitation!!

  1. Sunday evenings @ 6 PM – Jim and Sheila Dillon (459-4382)
  2. Tuesday evenings @ 6 PM – Derek and Sheila Jones (292-1718) 

Each Missional Community will share a meal together and will have a focused time of equipping using the book, Discipleship Uncomplicated.   Copies of the book will be available at both MC gatherings. 

Making disciples is not a spiritual gift reserved for a few Christian elite. It is the spiritual mandate Jesus gave to all His followers, and it was never intended to be complicated. Whether you are an introverted wall flower or an over the top people person, Discipleship Uncomplicated delivers exactly what you need to start influencing people for Jesus.

For further information please speak to Pastor Jason or Pastor Derek